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What’s your story?

When you’re busy running your business, it’s hard to find the time to tell your story. To find the right channels and the right words to express your brand in the right way.

So, whether you want to sharpen up your web content, improve your social media engagement, or reach out to the press – I can help you get your printed and digital communications in shape.

Here’s how it works…

Getting to know you

When it comes to your own business, it’s hard to stay objective and define what makes you special. That’s why I start by getting to know you and your business, discovering your goals and challenges and what benefits you can offer your customers. It’s only then that I’ll begin to create the content.

Let me help you find your unique sparkle and capture it in words, brilliantly!

Finding the right words

Copywriting isn’t just about finding an engaging way to communicate with words. It’s about finding the right words for the right job. How online copy differs from printed copy, or how to capture the interest of an editor with a good press release. With over 25 years of publishing experience in both print and digital, I get how it works.

See where words can take you.

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Building your brand

We need to talk about voice. Expressing the character and personality of your business is part of your brand and identity. And with this is your unique voice. I’ll find a consistent tone across your communications that gives your content a personality that suits your business and adds that important human touch.

Adding character to your communications.

Outsourcing support

Meeting deadlines and client expectations can be a juggling act when your work load is at capacity. Let me step in and lighten your load.

With experience working within print and digital for a wide range of sectors, and as a journalist, communications officer and copywriter, you can rely on me to hit the road running.

Reliable copywriting support when you need it.

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You’ll find that I’m personable and approachable which makes me easy to work with. I’ll always give you my full commitment, no matter what size the project.

I’m inquisitive and always ask lots of questions, which helps me get to understand you and your business, developing long-term client relationships built on trust.

Camilla Sharman
Camilla has been a trusted member of our team for seven years. She has a broad range of skills that we loosely describe as ‘editorial’ but she delivers much more than that. With a wide-ranging clients base of consumer and business clients, she can tackle whatever is presented to her. Her positive approach helps to motivate others and she is not only conscientious but always professional and personable with our clients.

Jack Pearce, Company Director, Silk Pearce

My flexibility and experience allows me to work across many sectors and I’m don’t just get stuck with words. I have a strong sense of design, and work collaboratively with clients and designers to ensure that design and content work together for maximum impact.

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Camilla Sharman Copywriter

Whether you need a copywriter for a one-off project, or regular support, drop me a line to discover how the written word can work for your business.

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